Team members:

Here is a complete list of members of the Children’s Health Policy Centre team, along with a photograph of each, a brief biography, phone number and email address. See the team.


If you are concerned about a child having a mental health problem, please contact your family doctor or Child and Youth Mental Health Services (see our external resources page). You may also wish to consult our Quarterly database, which provides a great deal of information on a wide range of mental health issues commonly faced by children and young adults.


Through the Faculty of Health Sciences, we provide education and research training on health policy, children’s mental health and population health. If you have a general inquiry about working with us, please check our careers page or contact our office manager. For information on undergraduate and graduate programs in population and public health, please visit Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences website.


Looking for a job with the Children’s Health Policy Centre? Please check our careers page.


We are grateful for the financial support we receive from a wide range of sources.

External resources:

Looking for help for a child with a mental health problem? Consult our list of external resources.