We invite you to support our work

We focus on improving social and emotional wellbeing for all children, and on the public policies needed to reach this goal. We welcome contributions to our work.

Our dedicated team is conducting studies and working with policymakers, practitioners and community groups to improve children’s social and emotional wellbeing, or mental health, in BC and in Canada. Your gift will help us expand and sustain this work by:

  • Increasing our understanding about how to intervene very early in life to improve children’s lives
  • Sharing knowledge on effective prevention and treatment approaches with policymakers, practitioners, families and the public
  • Advancing a population health approach that includes all children

By giving, you can join us in making a meaningful difference in children’s lives. By giving, you are also saying that you, too, think that the wellbeing of our children is crucial. All gifts are tax deductible in Canada. We welcome general gifts, and gifts made in someone’s honour or memory. You can also designate your gift towards a particular area of our work.

To learn more about supporting our work, please contact director Charlotte Waddell, c/o chpc@nullsfu.ca

Thank you.