NFP put on the agenda for Interior Health nurses

October 25, 2023

Charlotte Waddell, Centre Director, joined BC Ministry of Health lead partners for the Sept. 26 Annual Education Meeting held online for approximately 10 public health nurses with BC’s Interior Health Authority.

The focus was Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) and a review of the main findings from the 10-year randomized controlled trial that the Centre has led. This trial has evaluated NFP in Canada for the first time. Nicole Catherine and Harriet MacMillan are co-leads with Waddell.

The study has shown that NFP reduces prenatal substance exposure and improves child language and mental health by age two years. All three outcomes are crucial for early healthy development.

Waddell also spoke about the high number of Indigenous participants and about ongoing work with Indigenous collaborators to tell the stories of these participants. As well, she noted long-term follow-up plans: “In the US and England, NFP led to enduring benefits in middle school and beyond, so we are also committed to learning how well NFP works to help children longer-term in BC.”