Creating Comprehensive Children’s Mental Health Indicators for British Columbia

April 15, 2013

Charlotte Waddell, Cody Shepherd, Alice Chen, and Michael Boyle. (2013, April). Creating comprehensive children’s mental health indicators for British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health.

Canada urgently requires a population health approach to children’s mental health — promoting health and preventing disorders, in addition to providing treatment. Underpinning this approach, indicators could enable population monitoring, thereby informing ongoing public investments.  To investigate potential indicators for British Columbia, we developed a comprehensive population health framework, established selection guidelines, reviewed data sources and identified sample indicators. While 15 survey and administrative sources yielded 90 indicators, there were significant imbalances in coverage of the framework. To create truly comprehensive children’s mental health indicators, we therefore recommend collecting new data, enhancing existing data sources and evaluating existing programs.

Full text of this article is in the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, available to all readers.