Developing a Research-Policy Partnership to Improve Children’s Mental Health in British Columbia

February 11, 2007

Charlotte Waddell, Cody A. Shepherd, and Jayne Barker. (2007). Developing a research-policy partnership to improve children’s mental health in British Columbia. In James A. LeClair and Leslie T. Foster (Eds.), Contemporary issues in mental health: Concepts, policy and practice. Canadian Western Geographical Series, vol. 41 (pp. 183–198). Victoria, BC: Western Geographical Press.


Our partnership was motivated by our common commitment to improving children’s mental health in the population. From the outset, we believed that more policy-making should be informed by research evidence and that more research should be relevant to policy-making. By developing a research-policy partnership, we hoped to raise children’s mental health on the public policy agenda, to promote a comprehensive strategy for improving children’s mental health, and to increase upstream investments. Encouraging “evidence-based” policy and practice has been an ongoing underlying objective of our partnership.

Full text of this article is published in Volume 41 of Canadian Western Geographical Series and may be available via university libraries. Anyone wishing to buy copy of this volume should contact University of Toronto Press Distribution Division, 1-800-565-9523, and request ISBN 9780919838314.