Innovative approaches can help reach more kids

February 7, 2022

Increasing the number of mental health professionals who can provide effective one-on-one treatments in clinic settings is one way to reach more children. Yet given the population affected, this approach is highly unlikely to reach all those in need. Instead, more comprehensive approaches that include novel delivery methods are also needed. Effective treatments — not requiring face-to-face contact with practitioners — may be an innovative way to improve capacity.

Self-delivered treatments accessed online, by text or telephone, or by book have several advantages. They can be provided on a larger scale and at lower costs than in-person therapies. They are accessible in convenient locations, such as people’s homes, and at the times of people’s choosing. These treatments can also reach more families in remote areas. As well, they may be more palatable to families who would not ordinarily pursue or receive treatment for their children. For more information, see Vol. 14, No. 2 of the Children’s Mental Health Research Quarterly.