Help defeat bullying by marking pink shirt day

February 26, 2024

Pink Shirt Day, also known as antibullying day, encourages people across Canada to stand against all forms of bullying. Since its inception in 2007, Pink Shirt Day has helped raise millions of dollars for antibullying initiatives. This year, on February 28, participants in schools and workplaces nationwide will come together to raise awareness, promote inclusion and celebrate acts of kindness.

Bullying remains a significant problem in schools — a 2019 report by Smith et al. and the McCreary Centre Society found that 53% of BC students aged 12 to 19 years reported experiencing at least one form of bullying in the past year. But the right interventions can make a difference. In fact, the Children’s Health Policy Centre’s recent systematic review of antibullying programs found five interventions that reduced at least one form of bullying. To learn more, see Vol. 15, No. 4 of the Children’s Mental Health Research Quarterly.