Celebrating young people who have autism spectrum disorder

March 29, 2021

A longitudinal study of children with autism spectrum disorder from across Canada has shown that “doing well” is possible — even in the context of continuing to meet diagnostic criteria for the disorder. The Pathways study has been following children since they were first diagnosed — known as an inception cohort — and now is tracking children into their teens.

“These results support a strengths-based approach to treatment planning that should include robust support for children and youth and families to increase the likelihood of doing well,” the study concluded.

The paper was published March 29/21 in the Journal of the American Medical Association Open. Peter Szatmari from the University of Toronto is lead author. Charlotte Waddell, director of the Children’s Health Policy Centre, is also an author. She is a longstanding co-investigator with the team.

The paper can be viewed here.