Project on indicators for monitoring BC children’s mental health is complete

September 6, 2012

Our project on the indicators for monitoring BC children’s mental health in the population is now complete. This project explored how we may use existing public data to develop indicators for monitoring Children’s mental health outcomes in British Columbia. Our findings are now being shared with policy-makers. As well, a paper has been accepted for peer-reviewed publication and a link will be published on this website as soon as it is available.

BC government announces Nurse-Family Partnership plan

June 8, 2011

British Columbia will become the first province in Canada to implement and evaluate the landmark Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program, BC Health Minister Michael de Jong announced on June 7, 2011. The Children’s Health Policy Centre will lead a scientific evaluation of the program in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health, the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, and the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University.

This 4-minute video explains the program.