This page contains our reports to government as well as information on the Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) we are conducting on the Nurse-Family Partnership. As well, it also includes academic publications we have written for peer-reviewed journals.

For reports, each link provides a report summary and further links to short and full reports. For more recent research evidence about preventing and treating child mental health problems, please see our Quarterly publication, which tackles a different issue with each edition.

For peer-reviewed journals, each link provides the full abstract to the article and, from there, a link to the journal that published it. Some of the journals are accessible to all; others require a subscription. Please contact the Children’s Health Policy Centre if you would like more information about any of the articles.

Preventing Suicide in Youth: Taking Action with Imperfect Knowledge

September 11, 2005

Suicide is a serious public health issue. It continues to be the second leading cause of death among BC youth aged 15 to 24 years.

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Joining the Conversation: Newspaper Journalists’ Views on Working with Researchers

April 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell, Jonathan Lomas, John N. Lavis, Julia Abelson, Cody A. Shepherd, and Twylla Bird-Gayson. (2005). Joining the conversation: Newspaper journalists’ views on working with researchers. Healthcare Policy, 1(1).

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Rethinking Evidence-Based Practice for Children’s Mental Health

March 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell and Rebecca Godderis. (2005). Rethinking evidence-based practice for children’s mental health. Evidence-Based Mental Health, 8(3).

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Research Use in Children’s Mental Health Policy in Canada: Maintaining Vigilance Amid Ambiguity

February 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell, John N. Lavis, Julia Abelson, Jonathan Lomas, Cody A. Shepherd, Twylla Bird-Gayson, Mita Giacomini, and David R. (Dan) Offord. (2005). Research use in children’s mental health policy in Canada: Maintaining vigilance amid ambiguity. Social Science & Medicine, 61(8).

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A Public Health Strategy to Improve the Mental Health of Canadian Children

January 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell, Kimberley McEwan, Cody A. Shepherd, David. R. Offord, and Josephine M. Hua. (2005). A public health strategy to improve the mental health of Canadian children. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 50(4).

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