Each link provides the full abstract to the article and, from there, a link to the journal that published it. Some of the journals are accessible to all; others require a subscription. Please contact the Children’s Health Policy Centre if you would like more information about any of the articles.

Joining the Conversation: Newspaper Journalists’ Views on Working with Researchers

April 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell, Jonathan Lomas, John N. Lavis, Julia Abelson, Cody A. Shepherd, and Twylla Bird-Gayson. (2005). Joining the conversation: Newspaper journalists’ views on working with researchers. Healthcare Policy, 1(1).

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Rethinking Evidence-Based Practice for Children’s Mental Health

March 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell and Rebecca Godderis. (2005). Rethinking evidence-based practice for children’s mental health. Evidence-Based Mental Health, 8(3).

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Research Use in Children’s Mental Health Policy in Canada: Maintaining Vigilance Amid Ambiguity

February 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell, John N. Lavis, Julia Abelson, Jonathan Lomas, Cody A. Shepherd, Twylla Bird-Gayson, Mita Giacomini, and David R. (Dan) Offord. (2005). Research use in children’s mental health policy in Canada: Maintaining vigilance amid ambiguity. Social Science & Medicine, 61(8).

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A Public Health Strategy to Improve the Mental Health of Canadian Children

January 11, 2005

Charlotte Waddell, Kimberley McEwan, Cody A. Shepherd, David. R. Offord, and Josephine M. Hua. (2005). A public health strategy to improve the mental health of Canadian children. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 50(4).

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How Important Is Permanency Planning for Children? Considerations for Pediatricians involved in Child Protection

January 11, 2004

Charlotte Waddell, Harriet MacMillan, and Anna Marie Pietrantonio. (2004). How important is permanency planning for children? Considerations for pediatricians involved in child protection. Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics, 25(4).

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