Each link provides the full abstract to the article and, from there, a link to the journal that published it. Some of the journals are accessible to all; others require a subscription. Please contact the Children’s Health Policy Centre if you would like more information about any of the articles.

Child Psychiatric Epidemiology and Canadian Public Policy-Making: The State of the Science and the Art of the Possible

January 11, 2002

Charlotte Waddell, David Offord, Cody A. Shepherd, Josephine M. Hua, and Kimberley McEwan (2002). Child psychiatric epidemiology and Canadian public policy-making: The state of the science and the art of the possible. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 47(9).

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Doing Better with “Bad Kids”: Explaining the Policy-Research Gap with Conduct Disorder in Canada

February 11, 2001

Charlotte Waddell, Jonathan Lomas, David Offord, and Mita Giacomini. (2001). Doing better with “bad kids”: Explaining the policy-research gap with conduct disorder in Canada. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2001

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So Much Research Evidence, So Little Dissemination and Uptake: Mixing the Useful with the Pleasing

January 11, 2001

Charlotte Waddell. So much research evidence, so little dissemination and uptake: Mixing the useful with the pleasing. (2001). Evidence-Based Mental Health, 4(1).

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